Sophie Martin Morocco October - November 2010

Your Ad Here Better late than never, right? ;)
This is catalog from Sophie Martin Morocco, edition October - November 2010. Please click any picture to enlarge, and press [ESCAPE] button to exit large preview.

This morroco's catalog is featuring four main themes:
  1. 50 Accessoires pour etre dans le ton de la rentree,
  2. Mode Special Petits Prix 50 Looks Easy Chic,
  3. Sacres Sacs, des indispensables a adopter pour La rentree, and
  4. Des Nouveautes Qu'on va Adorer. 
Please don't ask me what was four themes mean. I just write it here according to catalog's cover.

Like on last posting, I will provide you some link to download high quality image from this catalogue so you can read some small-sized-font-description on it, which it will ready on the next coming posting here (click).

Ok then, happy catalog seeing...

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